1. noun
(smoke or vapour which can be seen or smelled: He smelled the petrol fumes.) humo

2. verb
(to be very angry whilst trying not to show it: He was fuming (with rage).) echar humo, subirse por las paredes, echar chispas
intransitive verb
1 (produce smoke etc) echar humo
2 figurative use (show anger) echar humo, subirse por las paredes
when I got home my father was fuming cuando llegué a casa mi padre estaba que se subía por las paredes
plural noun fumes
1 humos nombre masculino plural
fume ['fju:m] vi, fumed ; fuming
1) smoke: echar humo, humear
2) : enfadarse, enojarse
fume n
: gas m, humo m, vapor m
exhalación s.f.
gas s.m.
tufo s.m.
vaho s.m.
despedir gases (Química) v.
enfadarse v.
humear v.
intransitive verb
1) (smoke) (Chem) despedir* gases
2) (be angry) (colloq)

she was absolutely fuming — estaba que echaba humo or chispas

1. VI
1) [chemicals etc] humear, echar humo
2) (=be furious) estar furioso, echar humo

to be fuming at or with sb — echar pestes de algn

NPL (gen) humo msing , vapores mpl ; (=gas) gases mpl
* * *
intransitive verb
1) (smoke) (Chem) despedir* gases
2) (be angry) (colloq)

she was absolutely fuming — estaba que echaba humo or chispas

English-spanish dictionary. 2013.

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